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The #1 ingredient you’re probably not using for your skin, but it’s about time you do

We all know that pollution can affect us in many walks of life. And now, after 15 years of research following 3,200 women living in some of the world’s most polluted cities, we are more educated regarding its effects on the skin: enlarged pores, greasier skin, aging, increased number of blemishes and skin sensitivity. However, if you’re looking for a way to sidestep the unforgiving consequences of pollution, your answer could lie in the form of one breathing, detoxifying algae: Chlorella. Clinical tests have shown that even a 1% concentration of this chlorophyll-packed micro-organism can firm and tone the skin after just 48 hours of use!


Nicknamed “the breathing algae” for a reason, Chlorella – a 2-billion year old algae – possesses purifying properties, cleansing the air surrounding it and therefore allowing for a wholesome intake of oxygen. On the skin, cells can inhale an untainted source of 02 – an essential criteria for healthy, radiant skin – in the face of high pollution levels. Although skin doesn’t actually need to respire like our lungs do, oxygen is necessary for our skin cells to function normally.


Our pores are porous. Unfortunately for city dwellers, this means that they can open themselves up to contaminating agents that then seep deep into the skin, such as toxins produced by pollution. These toxins can then elicit free radicals – one of the main obstacles in our quest for flawless skin – damaging cells and catalyzing skin ageing, while also weakening the skin’s natural protective barrier.

However, Chlorella is packed with a wide range of potent antioxidants that can neutralize these free radicals, such as chlorophyll, beta-carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C, combatting against aging, fine lines and wrinkles, while also building back up the skin’s defences against external aggressions. That’s bye-bye to the downside to urban living!

Infuse Chlorella into your skincare routine

If you want Chlorella at your skin’s side to fend off the harmful effects of pollution, then try Biotherm’s new Skin Oxygen range. With Chlorella at the heart of every product’s formula, your skin will be equipped to breathe more deeply and safeguard itself from the damaging effects of urban life from all angles, ranging from a life-breathing exfoliator to a strengthening concentrate, all packed with this oxygenating algae.

Additionally, the range is enriched with Biotherm’s most regenerative microorganism yet, Life Plankton, which, when combined with Chlorella, deeply nourishes and regenerates skin, leaving it radiant and glowing. As if this wasn’t enough, for all you sea lovers out there, the range is also a part of Biotherm’s Water Lovers commitment, formulated with 100% natural ingredients, this life-breathing collection aims to fulfil Biotherm’s ocean-protecting objective by reducing the brand’s ecological footprint, thanks to its biodegradable ingredients.

Breathing freely in the city can be tough, for both your lungs and your skin. But with the helping hand of algae, you can get back that oxygenated glow!

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