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Calling all yogis: the secret to rejuvenated skin is closer than you think

The lotus, downward dog and the warrior pose; we’re familiar with this yoga lingo, but are you ready to do ‘The Forehead Smoother’ and ‘The Lion’? We’re talking facial yoga, of course. Said to help skin look younger, tighter and more elastic, yogis can now apply the same healing energy to their faces for effective, natural, anti-aging effects. We’re up for it!

Experts say that these exercises work each of the layers of our skin, strengthening facial muscles and helping to improve our circulation to leave our skin glowing, so check out this easy, 5-minute facial yoga routine to work into your daily skin care regimen.

#1 The Forehead Smoother

Great for: Healing and preventing wrinkles by relaxing the forehead muscles.

How to: Make a fist with both hands, and place your knuckles in the centre of the forehead, applying firm pressure as you slowly slide your fists out to each side. Finish off each movement by applying a little bit of added tension to the temples.

#2 The Face Lift

Great for: Smoothing smile lines, and lifting your eyes and cheeks.

How to: Place your palms on your temples, gently pulling your hands up and back to lift the sides of your face. When you’ve reached this position, open your mouth to make an ‘O’ shape, and drop the jaw to make your face as long as possible.

#3 The Giraffe Pose

Great for: Smoothing and toning your decolletage.

How to: Tilt your head back and place the fingertips at the top of the neck and gently applying pressure as you bring them down to the bottom of the neck. If you want to take this exercise to the next level, jut out your lower lip as far as possible for a more intense stretch.

#4 The Lion Pose

Great for: An all round facial exercise!

How to: Open your mouth wide, sticking your tongue out and downwards towards your chin as far as you can. While breathing through the mouth, make a sound from down your throat to replicate the roar of a lion. We know this one sounds a bit silly, but repeat a couple of times, and feel your complexion get firmer and more toned.

#5 The Fish Face

Great for: Toning and stretching cheek muscles, leaving them looking firmer and smoother

How to: Suck your cheeks and lips inwards to try and replicate a fish face. Holding this pose, attempt to smile and feel a slight burn in your cheeks and jaw.

Other things you can do

Facial yoga is a great way to provide natural and long-lasting tone to our complexion, improving the muscle strength and elasticity of our skin, however we all can do with a little boost to our routines.

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Repeat each exercise at least 5 times, and watch your face and your skin go from strength to strength!

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