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Feb 21, 2018

Plunge into blue biotechnology and harness the power of the oceans

Covering around 70% of our planet and home to the largest portion of all life on Earth, the ocean holds many mysteries yet to be uncovered. Hundreds of thousands of marine life forms may already be known to us, but most still await discovery. In fact, scientists believe there could be up to 2 million more unknown multi-celled marine organisms living down below. Blue biotechnology looks to further explore this intriguing submerged world.

Exploring aquatic biodiversity

What makes marine life all the more fascinating is how it has adapted to thrive in the inhospitable environments and extreme ambient conditions. Blue biotechnology works to discover and make use of the sheer diversity of aquatic organisms, in order to develop new ingredients in a sustainable way.

Modern science now has the underwater technology to study our oceans, rivers and lakes, and then carry out complex DNA sequencing to analyse all lifeforms found. This way, blue biotechnology is able to create new sources of energy, such as biofuel and microbial production of ethane, as well as help the development of environmentally friendly products which can be responsibly sourced, even in skincare! With the help of microalgae, such as Chlorella, blue biotechnology can thrive, with this heat-resistant ingredient being a prime way to harness the power of algae as biodiesel, as well as in the use of beauty products such as Biotherm’s Skin Oxygen Range.

Tapping into the secrets of the sea to find new and exciting ingredients.

Biotherm has committed to dedicating a portion of their scientific research to blue biotechnology. Alongside aiming to reduce their ecological footprint by 60%, a major part of their efforts is concentrated towards improving the sustainability of our aquatic life.

The rewards of blue biotechnology have already started to be reaped, with a wide range of products available containing incredible ingredients like Life Plankton, sea sugars, various algaes and freshwater organisms.

Aquasource Everplump, for example, offers a moisturizing formula enriched with Blue Hyaluron. Sourced in French Polynesia, and using a unique sustainable fermentation process, this sea sugar active naturally boosts skin’s reserves of water-trapping Hyaluronic Acid, in order to plump up skin from within.

Furthermore, Marine Connectum - the fruit of 8 years of research - is a sea sugar secreted by a microorganism native to the harsh coasts of Guérande in France, which survives the most extreme conditions. Found in Blue Therapy Cream-in-Oil and Blue Therapy Serum-in-Oil, its restructuring powers help to instantly smooth the skin’s surface, whilst simultaneously enforcing its natural barrier.

Deriving from Greenland’s glacial waters, Alaria Esculenta can thrive in temperatures below 16°C at depths of up to 35 meters. Known as the ‘Algae of Youth’, it is found in anti-aging treatments like Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum, Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum and Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream. It’s particularly effective in counteracting aging by speeding up skin repair and boosting age-damaged proteins elimination.

The planet’s oceans offer up many molecules that are far too complex for man to recreate synthetically, highlighting why they are our most precious asset.

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