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Feb 3, 2017


Discover how Tara Ocean Foundation works to fight the epidemic of plastic pollution in our ocean

Around nine million tons of plastic waste finds its way into the oceans every year, releasing toxins that are causing harm to the marine wildlife and also reaching humans through the food chain. Fortunately, organizations are on the front line to fight this epidemic, among them Tara Ocean Foundation, a group of sailing scientists that has been leading the battle to preserve our waters since 2003.

Over the past ten years, sailors and scientists from the Tara Ocean Foundation have been roaming the oceans from Antarcticato the Arctic, taking samples and conducting scientific research to better understand our waters and the causes of pollution, and ultimately preserve the ocean. In June 2019, Tara Ocean Foundation started a new expedition, “different” from the previous ones, according to Romain Troublé, a sailor, scientist and the General Manager of the Tara Ocean Foundation: “This year we will sail around Europe for seven months and go up the ten largest rivers and search for sources of ocean plastic. The flux of plastic into the seas. It’s interesting because we know that about 80% of all marine plastic origins from land, but lack knowledge on exactly who’s responsible. We need that information to stop it,” he said.

In addition to looking at where plastic comes from, Tara’s goal is to answer what impact it has on marine biodiversity.

Firmly engaged in the preservation of our ocean, Biotherm has been collaborating with Tara Ocean Foundation since 2017 and has supported their previous expedition in the Pacific where they sailed across eleven time zones, fromthe Panama Canal to Japan and studied some of the most remote islands and coral reefs.

Although funding is key, Romain insisted on the importance of receiving support from partners who share their value sand do their part.

“Biotherm are doing some good things with their Water Lovers platform; rethinking packaging and making sunscreen that’s not affecting the marine environment negatively is a move in the right direction”, explained Romain. Indeed, in 2017, Biotherm developed the Water Lover Sun Milk, its first eco-designed sun care with eco-tested SPF filters and a 95% biodegradable base formula for a lower impact on the water environment.

While we all feel concerned, it is not always easy to make the right choices as a consumer and to know how we can avoid having a negative environmental impact. However, we should keep in mind that small changes today can have a huge impact in the future.

We need all hands on deck –from government to consumers. We must ask questions, learn and continue on this voyage of discovery. We’re all in the same boat after all,” concluded Romain.

Clarifying, Skin Perfecting, Pore Minimising.
$ 27.00
Invigorating Face Toner - Normal To Combination Skin
$ 27.00
Total And Instant Cleansing Micellar Water - All Make Up - Face And Eyes With Life Plankton™
$ 27.00
October 02, 2019
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Feb 3, 2017


Give a healing and regenerating beauty gift for Lunar New Year.

Asia’s biggest festival is approaching, and apart from being hugely excited, you are also starting to look for gifts for your loved ones? Lunar New Year is the perfect time to express respect and affection with great presents, what if this year you chose a healing beauty gift?

Clothes, books, candies... This year, you feel like changing from the gifts you usually offer? A regenerating skincare product might be just the perfect present to please the people you care about. In fact, we all know how important skin is for self-confidence. It is a universal feeling –when we look good, we feel good. And to keep a healthy, great looking skin, implementing a skincare routine is a must. Here is our guide of the absolute must-haves to include in a daily beauty routine.

The key to clear, regenerated skin for women

Every day, our skin is under attack –pollution, stress, lack of sleep etc. –, and it needs to be healed. Created to repair and transform women’s complexion, this unique step 0 fundamental skin treatment for oily skin Life Plankton™ Clear Essence makes skin look younger, clearer and more glowy. Infused with Biotherm’s miraculous Life Plankton™, the essence reignites the skin's regenerating powers. As lightweight as cosmetic water, as effective as a serum, Life Plankton™ Clear Essence quickly penetrates into the skin to renew it and make it look healthy. Within 8 days, the skin feels smoother and balanced. Within a few weeks, skin feels regenerated and more even. A regenerated pristine skin has surfaced.

The secret to brighter, younger looking eye area for women

Eyes are the most prominent features of the face (we know how powerful the look can be), and it is also the most delicate area. Thus, giving special attention to the eye contour is fundamental to keep it healthy. Containing the highest concentration of healing Life Plankton™, our unique best eye cream for wrinkles Life Plankton™ Eye helps to prevent premature eye aging by sustaining the skin’s regenerating capacities and fighting wrinkles. With its nutritious and light texture, this creamy gel envelopes the eye contour to protect it from further aggressions while intensely nourishing it. It also helps the skin look healthier by reducing bags and dark circles under the eyes, and by making the eye contour look denser and firmer. Within 8 days, the skin appears softer, brighter and regenerated. Within weeks, the eye contour looks younger and smoother.

The key to purified, smoothed skin for men

High-paced urban life can cause skin to look dull and tired. While having a skincare routine is a must, including an essence that will hydrate and clear the skin can be really beneficial. This is why Biotherm Homme created a unique facial essence for men, enriched with Biotherm Homme’s healing Life Plankton™ and hydrating oligo-elements. Aquapower Clear Essence leaves men’s skin moisturized, smoothed and clearer. With its ultra-light watery formula, this essence instantly penetrates the skin leaving it with a fresh, non-sticky feeling. Day after day, the skin feels hydrated, fresher and purified. It is more radiant and looks regenerated. Dull and tight skin is no longer an issue!

The key to strengthened, firmer looking skin for men

While implementing an anti aging serum for men in skincare routine might not be familiar to all men, its power is huge. In fact, using a serum is a great way to inject a highly-concentrated dose directly to the skin which makes it great for targeting specific concerns like wrinkles and tired skin. Specifically created to boost firmness and revitalize the skin, Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum will significantly reduce signs of aging and make the skin look regenerated. Lighter than a cream and with an ultra-fresh texture, this serum hydrates the skin while making it look denser and softer. Within a few weeks, skin’s tonicity is boosted, wrinkles and fine lines are smoother. Skin is strengthened –you are ready to face the day feeling great and confident.

Fundamental Skin Healing Treatment For Oily Skin
$ 78.00
Premature Eye Aging Prevention Cream
$ 54.00
$ 48.00
skin treatment for oily skin best eye cream for wrinkles facial essence for men anti aging serum for men
December 13, 2019
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Feb 3, 2017


Discover our tips to be the most glamorous and dazzling for the new year!

Your new resolution this year is to look your absolute best self for the New Year? A regenerated, glowing skin is the best starting point to looking totally fabulous . Here are some tips to be the most glamorous and dazzling in 2020!

A regenerated skin to welcome the new year

To prepare your skin the best possible way, the fundamental healing facial essence skin treatment Life Plankton™ Essence is the way to go. Infused with Biotherm’s miraculous ingredient Life Plankton™, this essence acts in depth to transform and renew your skin. After only 8 days, you will notice a change in your skin that will feel smoother and regenerated. Day after day, skin will look younger, clearer and more even. Make sure to start using the product as soon as possible for a maximum chance to get a regenerated, glowing skin every day!

A younger, brighter eye contour to catch everyone’s attention

We all know how important the eye area is when it comes to having an impactful look. Life Plankton™ Eye reduces eye bags and dark circles under eyes and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. Containing the most unique regenerating ingredient at its highest concentration, this best eye cream for wrinkles will leave you with visibly stronger, younger and brighter eye contours in 8 days. For a beautiful, healthy eye area before, through and after the late night! There will be no sign of fatigue!

A dewy skin for the most glowing look

If you want to be the center of attention this year, a luminous complexion is a must. Aqua Glow Super Concentrate boosts your skin’s natural ability to glow and fights dullness and fine lines in a flash. A face cream enriched with vitamin C and Life Plankton™ water, this lightweight emulsion smoothens your skin, makes it radiant and perfects uneven tone. Whenever you need to amplify your glow, this super concentrate will do the trick!

Fundamental Skin Treatment - All Skin Types
Premature Eye Aging Prevention Cream
$ 54.00
Cream Gel - Hydration & Radiance
$ 35.00
best eye cream for wrinkles facial essence skin treatment face cream enriched with vitamin C
December 13, 2019
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Feb 3, 2017


Looking for a healthy complexion? Here is the answer!

Thought skincare was just for women? Well, you were wrong! No matter your age or whether you live in a cold or warm climate, establishing a good skincare routine is key - and this does not mean stealing a couple pumps of your girlfriend or wife’s fancy face cream whenever your skin feels dry or tight.

The fact is, you need to choose products that go with your skin type. Moreover, while men and women alike can benefit from good skincare practices, their skin differs greatly. For instance, men’s skin is thicker than women’s. Men are also more likely to have an oily skin type than women due to the fact that they have more sebaceous glands as a result of their increased testosterone levels. This often manifests as imperfections and skin congestion - particularly in adolescence. Regardless, it is important to choose good products and stick to a routine so you can get the best result.

Not sure where to start? We get it; the world of skincare can be confusing. To help you out, we have got everything you need to know about creating the ultimate men’s skincare routine so you can keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant or kick existing problems to the curb.

Step 1: Cleanse regularly

Since men typically have oilier skin, cleansing regularly is especially important. Still, many men think a quick splash of water - or worse - using a bar of soap is sufficient, but this actually does you more harm than good. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is important to wash your face daily as well as promptly after exercising. They also advise steering clear of conventional bar soap - as they often contain harsh chemicals which can dry out the skin - opting for a mild facial cleanser instead. So if you are guilty of skipping a post-workout shower, but you struggle with pimples and blackheads, therein may be the problem. Conversely, if a scorching hot shower is your end-of-the-day ritual, you are stripping your skin of necessary oils that help lock in moisture and keep it protected from external aggressors. Thus, sticking to lukewarm water and a gentle soap-free cleanser is best. As washing your face is the first step in any effective men’s skincare routine, we recommend the T-Pur Sea Salt facial cleanser, a cleansing gel for men with oily skin that rids the skin of impurities (dirt,dust, pollution) and wipes out any signs of oiliness, leaving it feeling fresh and flawless. Safe to use morning and night, as well as after a workout, it contains French sea salts, an entirely natural active ingredient, that helps to absorb shine and greasiness, while also purifying the skin, for a more matte, less shiny and healthier skin.

Step 2: Use a lotion

Using a lotion may not be automatic, however it might just be the secret weapon in your skincare that will do the trick for a healthy looking skin. Indeed, it is the in-between step after the cleanser and before the moisturizer, that will help rebalance and/or purify pores in depth depending on your skin type. Moreover, including a face lotion for men with oily skin in your skincare routine significantly improves the skin’s surface and balances its natural pH level, prepping it for a moisturizer. If you struggle with excess oil and imperfections, adding a purifying lotion is an absolute must. The T-Pur Anti-Oil and Shine Bi-phase Lotion is ideal as it reduces the look of pores and mattifies the skin after cleansing. Non-oily and refreshing, it quickly penetrates into the skin without leaving a sticky sensation. Sweep the lotion-soaked cotton pad over your face, and get ready for a clear, smooth and less sweaty skin!

Step 3: Moisturize your skin

Whether your skin is oily, dry, or somewhere in between, using a moisturizer is a non-negotiable part of a man’s skincare routine. The trick lies in ensuring you are using the right formula for your skin type. If you fall in the normal or oily camp like most men, the T-Pur Anti-Oil And Shine Moisturizer is the best moisturizer for men with oily skin. Since shaving removes the lipid layer that sits on the surface of your skin to help lock in moisture, it is important to reinforce the skin’s barrier even if your skin is oily. With its mattifying, non-greasy gel formula, it helps fight shine so you do not have to worry about looking sweaty or slick as the day progresses. It also contains anti-bacterial sea algae and zinc to regulate sebum - perfect for acne-prone skin types.

Step 4: Wear sunscreen daily

Chances are, you know how important it is to use sunscreen daily. Still, many men only wear sunscreen while on vacation, forgetting that they are exposing their skin to harsh UV rays on a daily basis. Harvard Health strongly advises using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and wearing it daily. This helps protect your skin from wrinkles, sun spots, and premature aging as a whole, which is much easier to prevent than to treat.

Step 5: Exfoliate twice a week

Along with shaving in the same direction your hair grows, Medical News Today notes that exfoliation is key to preventing ingrown hairs. However, shaving is a form of exfoliation in and of itself, so it is important not to exfoliate right after you shave as your skin is already in a vulnerable state. However, using an face exfoliator for men the day before you shave - ideally two times a week - is extremely helpful in preventing ingrown hairs as it helps remove dead skin cells, which can impede new growth from poking through the surface of the skin.

Now that you understand the steps involved in an effective men’s skincare routine, you ought to hit the ground running. Trust us, after a few weeks you will be shocked at the bright and healthy complexion you see in the mirror!

Ultra-Absorbing & Mattifying Moisturizer Gel
$ 45.00
$ 45.00
Detoxifying & Exfoliating Cleanser
$ 35.00
January 08, 2020
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Jan 14, 2020

What is the difference between after-shave balm and after-shave lotion?

Figure out your skin type and determine whether an after-shave balm or an after-shave lotion is your best match.

Looking for the right after-shave to soothe your skin and minimize irritation? Choosing a product that goes with your skin type is imperative. Using the right formula will ensure you get the best benefits, not to mention, using an after-shave that does not suit your skin can actually exacerbate concerns.

Still, if you are one of those guys who shaves his face and does nothing afterwards, you are at risk for developing red bumps, dry skin, pimples, and redness. This is because, the skin’s barrier and the hair follicle are left especially vulnerable after a shave, making it increasingly susceptible to bacteria and infection.

We are breaking down the difference between an after-shave balm or an after-shave lotion below so you can determine which is the right fit for you.

What is after-shave?

An aftershave is an astringent-lotion that is applied to the skin after shaving. It helps disinfect the skin and minimize your risk for any infections. However, aftershaves have gotten a bit of a bad reputation since many men still associate them with the strong smelling, harsh, and drying formulas of the past.

According to The Dermatology Group, many men do not use aftershaves anymore because they have a distorted perception of current formulas. However, aftershaves have come a long way; while products from previous decades were loaded with alcohols that stung upon application, further stripping the skin, modern aftershaves are incredibly soothing. As well, men's hydrating aftershave lotions create a protective barrier to shelter the skin from aggressions.

Plus, aftershaves now come in a variety of different formulas, so it is important to choose the texture that best accords with your skin type: dry, normal, or oily. Keep reading to figure out your skin type and determine whether an after-shave balm or an after-shave lotion is your best match.

How to determine your skin type

Figuring out your skin type is key to determine whether an after-shave balm or an after-shave lotion is right for you. According to Dr. Anthony Rossi, assistant professor of dermatology at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center of the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, understanding your skin type will help you learn how to take care of your skin and select products that are right for you. According to Dr. Rossi, dry skin is characterized by flaking, itchiness, and a rough texture, whereas oily skin is shiny and greasy. Normal skin, on the other hand, should be clear and not sensitive, he explains.

After-shave balm for dry skin

If you have dry skin, you will likely experience a tight feeling after you wash your face in addition to redness, itching, and flaking. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, products with heavier textures such as ointments and creams work better than lotions for people with dry skin as they are better able to trap moisture, thereby reducing the likelihood for irritation. For best results, they recommend applying them while the skin is still damp and using products with moisture-retaining ingredients such as shea butter, lanolin, and mineral oil.

Dry skin often involves having a rough, uneven texture, thus men with this skin type are increasingly susceptible to cuts and nicks while shaving. As a result we recommend using the Sensitive Force Recovering Balm, the best men's aftershave balm which is lightweight, ultra soothing and provides instant skin relief. Enriched with Life Plankton™ and botanical actives, it regenerates the skin in depth and prevents damage thanks to its skin healing and repairing properties. Say goodbye to itching and irritation!

After-shave lotion for normal to oily skin

For normal to oily, or combination skin types, it is best to steer clear of balm formulas as they can be too heavy and lead to congestion since your skin already produces sufficient sebum on its own. Instead we recommend using an after-shave lotion which helps purify the skin post-shave to ward of infection and prevent breakouts. According to WebMD, after-shave lotions contain astringents that tighten the skin, narrow the pores, and create a firmer skin barrier.

The Aquapower Lotion is the best men's face lotion for normal to oily skin as it helps rehydrate and invigorate the skin, giving it a fresh and soothing sensation. With its non-sticky, non-oily formula, and liquid consistency, it is the perfect lightweight after-shave lotion that will not suffocate the skin.

Pro tip: do not forget to cleanse!

Whether you use an after-shave balm or an after-shave lotion, cleansing your skin before you shave is an absolute must. However, it is important to choose your cleanser with care. According to the Knoxville Institute of Dermatology, regular soap often contains harsh ingredients that can dry out the skin so it is best to stick to a mild facial cleanser and lukewarm water.

Accordingly, we recommend the Aquapower Cleanser, the best men's face wash to remove impurities without drying out the skin. A refreshing gel that turns into a creamy foam with a combination of oligo-elements and powerful cleansing agents that leaves the skin soft and comfortable, perfectly prepped for shaving!

So what is it going to be: after-shave balm or after-shave lotion? Either way, using the right formula on your skin post-shave is critical and can yield enormous benefits when it comes to keeping your skin looking smooth and healthy.

Sensitive Skin Aloe Vera Recovery Balm
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Ultra Fresh Replenisher
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Sensitive Skin Aloe Vera After Shave Gel
$ 42.00
January 14, 2020
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Jan17, 2020

Why it is important for men to use anti-aging cream

Discover how to prevent and combat signs of aging with Biotherm Homme Force Supreme

Most men do not worry about their skin aging until it starts to happen. If this sounds familiar, it is best to take action as soon as you can to prevent new symptoms from manifesting and reduce the appearance of existing aging signs. Not sure where to begin? We have got everything you need to know about choosing an anti-aging cream for men

What happens to the skin as you age?

So if you are fortunate to have not yet experienced the signs of aging on your skin, or if you are just looking to find out what lies ahead, you should know that aging causes many changes in the skin beyond just wrinkles. According to MedlinePlus, with age, the outer layer of the skin (known as the epidermis), begins to thin, skin looks paler, dark spots start to appear, elasticity declines, blood vessels become more fragile, the subcutaneous fat layer thins, and sebaceous glands produce less oil - though men experience a minimal decrease compared to women.

Despite the common misconception, while intrinsic factors such as genetics play a role, majority of aging on the skin happens as a result of sun exposure and other external aggressors. To help combat this, we recommend Force Supreme Black Regenerating Care. This men's anti-aging night cream helps facilitate skin recovery overnight. During the day, the skin is exposed to urban aggressions like UV rays, pollution, dust, and smoke which oxidates the skin and contribute to premature skin aging. Infused with dark-activated algae, Force Supreme Black Regenerating Care strengthens the skin by stimulating cell regeneration and boosting the skin’s replenishment. Apply as a sleeping mask daily as part of your nightly skincare, this lightweight and fresh black fusion gel makes the skin appear firmer, stronger, and revitalized by morning.

Anti-aging for men: a different ball game

You may be tempted to use your wife or girlfriend’s anti-aging cream, but this would be a mistake! The fact is, men and women age differently and thus, they have distinctive needs, so it is important to look for an anti-aging cream that is made for men specifically.

Indeed, according to WebMD, this is because men’s facial skin is typically much thicker than women’s and is less likely to react to ingredients in facial cleansers and moisturizers. However, because they shave their face, they are more prone to irritation and razor bumps. While women can typically get away with using rich anti-aging creams, men are better off opting for lighter formulas that will not clog pores and cause skin congestion, since they are naturally oilier.

A serum to counteract daily aggressors

Since men’s skin is thicker than women’s skin, they are less prone to wrinkles. According to the Journal of Dermato-Endocrinology, while natural aging is genetically determined, extrinsic aging can be prevented. This means that even though you might be blessed with good genes, aging caused by external factors can still take a toll. Still, few men take precautions to protect their skin from daily aggressors, including the sun which causes accelerated aging.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is important to protect your skin from the sun every day whether you are sunbathing or simply running errands. They suggest using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 (or higher) that is water-resistant. Aside from UV exposure, it is important to protect your skin from other external aggressors during the daytime.

To protect the skin and fight off damage your skin incurs during the day, the Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum is ideal. Used day and evening alone or before your cream, it helps reconstruct and fortify the skin against the visible signs of aging. Enriched with skin-regenerating Blue Algae Extract and the powerful anti-aging molecule Pro-Xylane, it reduces wrinkles, makes the skin firmer and more tonic. Lighter than a cream, this men's anti aging serum will absorb into the skin so quickly, you will not even feel it. Day after day, skin looks smoother, more even toned over time and fine lines become replumped and less noticeable.

Anti-aging men’s cream to strengthen the skin

As previously mentioned, the body produces less collagen with age, but what exactly does this mean? And when should you start looking into anti-aging creams for men? This moment varies for everyone, so the best thing to do is to pay attention to your skin to determine when you should start using anti-aging products. However, it is important to keep in mind that when it comes to the skin, the aging process starts earlier than you might think.

We know this sounds alarming, but the best men's anti-aging creams can yield transformative results. To combat a loss of elasticity, the Force Supreme Lotion is a good solution. It contains advanced anti-aging technology that helps improve skin structures, reduces wrinkles, and boosts radiance, for skin that feels firmer over time.

Now that you know how important it is to use a men’s anti-aging cream regularly, it is time to take action. Whether you are worried about age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, or a loss of elasticity, a good anti-aging cream for men can turn your skin around.

Nutri-Replenishing Anti-Aging Lotion
$ 49.00
Anti aging serum for men Refirming / Resurfacing / Anti-Wrinkles
$ 79.00
Integral Recovery Night Care
$ 76.00
January 15, 2020
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Feb 3, 2017


Discover why you should use an anti-aging cream in your 30s

They say better late than never, but when it comes to anti-aging, getting an early start is best! The 30s are an exciting decade often filled with milestone moments and new experiences. However, you will likely find that your skin is undergoing some new changes as well.

While you cannot stop aging altogether, you can certainly control how your skin looks as you get older. It is important to establish a good skincare regimen in your 30s as these years play a critical role in how your skin will age down the line. Read on to discover the sorts of changes you should expect and how to pick the right anti-aging creams when you enter the 30s.

What happens to your skin in your 30s?

As a 30 year old, you may think you do not have to worry about aging just yet, but you should definitely reconsider. In fact, in your 30s your body metabolism starts slowing down, and so does the bioenergy of skin cells, which fuels the creation of collagen and activates repair processes. While this does not necessarily translate to any drastic pigmentation or coarse wrinkles in the present, failure to properly care for your skin can cause accelerated aging, and by extension, more severe symptoms as you get older.

According to WebMD, although the skin will largely retain its youthful look, you may notice your skin looks less radiant during your 30s. Other aging signs that start to appear during this decade are crow’s feet, lines between the brows, dilated blood vessels around the sides of the nose, and brown spots caused by sun damage.

No need to worry! Fighting the aging process on your skin and counteracting existing concerns is relatively simple. Here is what you need to know about anti-aging creams for 30-year-olds.

Anti-aging cream for 30-year-olds: prevent damage caused by external aggressors

Protection is a key part of any effective skincare regime - especially in your 30s. According to dermatologist Dr. Lauren Eckert Ploch, it is vital for women in this age group to ensure they use SPF on their neck and decolletage in addition to their face, particularly if they spend a lot of time commuting since UVA rays can travel through window glass. She also warns that previous unprotected UV exposure can lead to dark spots in your 30s.

Apart from using an SPF daily to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, there are other extrinsic aging accelerators you should be aware of, such as pollutants and harsh climate conditions. As a result, we recommend using the Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream underneath your sunscreen during the day. With Life Plankton™, algae extract, and mother-of-pearl hues, this anti aging cream has a gel formula that will not leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy so it wears nicely under makeup. Most importantly, it helps combat external aggressors to keep your skin looking firm and radiant whilst helping to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Use a night cream that contains retinol

The 30s are a delicate time when it comes to skincare since many women experience concerns typically associated with both youth and adulthood, making it hard to discern the best retinol cream. For example, a common concern is having fine lines and adult acne simultaneously. While rich, thick creams are great for treating wrinkles in more mature skin, they can lead to congestion and clogged pores if your skin is already on the combination or oily side, thus making breakouts worse. Consequently, it is best to look for lightweight formulas with dual-purpose ingredients. So what exact ingredient should you look for in an anti-aging cream as a 30 year old? The answer is retinol!

While you may have had brief stint with retinol in your 20s, it should be a staple in your skincare routine by your 30s according to dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch. The Blue Therapy Night is the perfect anti-aging night cream for 30-year-olds. Formulated with Life Plankton™ and a. flos-aquae (also known as blue retinol), it helps reduce the appearance of lines, tighten the look of pores, and enhance firmness while you are asleep, for a skin that looks rejuvenated by morning.

Keep your eyes looking lifted and youthful

According to dermatologists, because the skin around the eyes is very thin, it is more vulnerable to breaking down, making it more prone to sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles than the rest of the face. This means that the first aging signs you experience on your face in your 30s will likely be near the eye area. Therefore, if you are not already using an anti aging eye cream, now is the time to start!

We recommend the Blue Therapy Eye to help target wrinkles, crow’s feet, and a lack of firmness. The soft, melting texture is incredibly nourishing making it ideal for the delicate eye contour. Plus, it acts on all visible aging signs to give you a more luminous look.

By following these expert tips as to what to look for in an anti-aging cream as a 30 year old, you can rest assured your skin will maintain its longevity and youthfulness as you age. Ready to keep your skin looking radiant indefinitely?

SMOOTH & EVEN SKIN Repairing Anti-Aging Silky Cream
Intense Repairing Anti-Aging Night Cream
$ 94.00
Targeted Eye care: Wrinkles - Darkness - Firmness
$ 68.00
January 24, 2020
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Feb 3, 2017


Follow up an at-home workout with an at-home spa evening and treat your skin to the pampering it deserves.

Many of us will be working out in our own homes this April. Until we can return to our normal fitness routines, let us take the opportunity to re-fresh our post-workout skin routine and indulge our skin with this relaxing pamper session. What better way to reward your body and mind after a challenging workout than to treat yourself with this shortcut to glowing skin and a radiant complexion!

First, make sure that you’ve thoroughly cleansed your skin and removed any lingering traces of makeup. Done? Let’s get started...

The Essence of Essences

First, prep your skin with Biotherm Life Plankton™ Essence. This is the best face essence to renew and strengthen your skin. To apply, take three to five drops and warm them up in your (clean!) hands. Next, apply the product using a gentle dabbing motion across the face and neck, paying particular attention to the cheeks and forehead. As your skin drinks in the product, trace a figure ‘8’ across your forehead, cheeks and T-Zone to help the product penetrate.

Strengthen and Regenerate

Next, give your skin a regenerating boost with the Life Plankton™ Elixir, enriched with Biotherm’s highest concentration of healing Life Plankton™. This hyaluronic serum strengthens the skin barrier, stimulates cell renewal, and is clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles and improve skin firmness. Two forms of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and our signature Life Plankton™ work to restore a glowing complexion. Take 3 to 4 drops of Life Plankton™ Elixir and warm it in the palm of your hand. Massage on to face, neck and décolleté.