Combination skin is when your skin is a combination of oily and dry. This can make shopping for skincare a challenge as most of the products available are geared towards those with oily or dry skin.

Do you have combination skin? If so, then you are in luck because we have developed some great multi-tasking moisturizers that your skin will absolutely adore!

Our Best selling Aquasource Gel moisturizer makes the greatest option as it is super lightweight yet provides 48 hours of intense hydration! It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin either, so it’s comfortable without being too much for the oily spots on your skin. It works to restore your skin’s natural ability to glow too so that even the dullest complexions will notice a visible difference in the appearance of their skin!

Our Skin Oxygen Hydrating Gel is a must-have for those with combination to oily skin! Our formula is enriched with Chlorella Algae Extract which is also known as the “breathing algae” as well as a detoxifying complex to really leave your skin feeling fresh. This moisturizer helps reduce sebum too so your excess oils will stay at bay and your skin will feel super clean and refreshed after you apply it. Also, the gel texture is super lightweight so you don’t have to worry about this one feeling heavy on your skin or breaking you out!

If you’re concerned about those first little wrinkles appearing on your skin, but not yet ready for a full anti aging treatment, try our Aquasource Everplump! This moisturizer plumps skin up, even fine lines are pushed away. Feel the incredible smoothness of your moisturized, replenished and strengthened skin. Its unique formula is charged with Blue Hyaluron™, a natural Hyaluronic Acid plumper born from aquatic biology. Within 4 weeks, hydration so powerful, women say they worry less about signs of aging!

And, for night time we have our Aquasource Everplump Night! This innovative bounce back gel texture self-reforms on your skin to form a second natural skin barrier which locks in moisture all night and beyond! This lightweight daily moisturizer replenishes your skin and plumps it overnight for more elastic and a smoother appearance over time. It is formulated with highly-energized dark-activated microalgae and water-locking ingredients to enhance your skin’s energy and moisture reserves when skin activity is at its peak!

If you’re looking to add some brightness to your combination complexion, try our Liquid White Gelée! This moisturizer brightens your skin and reduces the look of dullness.. The formula is enriched with vegetable glycerin too, so the texture melts onto the skin for a super luxurious feel! You’ll love how healthy, radiant, and soft your skin looks and feels!

Moisturizers don’t have to feel rich or heavy on the skin to provide your skin with the hydration that it needs! All of these moisturizers are going to give your skin the boost of hydration it needs without making you look or feel oilier! Which one will you be adding to your collection?

Aquasource Gel
For 48h of intense hydration and glowing skin
50 ml
Special Offer
Rating 4.7 of 5 110 review

$ 52.00

Invigorating anti-pollution Toner - Normal to Combination Skin
Bottle 200ml
Special Offer
Rating 5.0 of 5 2 review

$ 27.00

Hydra-mineral cleanser gel
Tube 150ml
Special Offer
Rating 4.7 of 5 83 review

$ 27.00

Aquasource Everplump Night
A replenishing bounce back sleeping mask with dark cultivated algae extract
75 ml
Special Offer
Rating 4.3 of 5 9 review

$ 69.00

Plumping Smoothing Moisturizer
Jar 50ml
Special Offer
Rating 4.4 of 5 21 review

$ 65.00

Reinforces & moisturizes
50 ml
Special Offer
Rating 4.7 of 5 43 review

$ 62.00