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Feb 3, 2017


How air pollution is getting in the way of achieving the healthy, smooth skin you deserve

Beauty editors and dermatologists spend a lot of time warning us about the dangers of UV exposure for our skin, but the sun isn’t the only environmental enemy we need to be worried about: recent studies have found that air pollution can be just as harmful as UV light and have even found links between pollution and premature aging.

If you’re anything like us, then right now you’re probably considering just staying inside forever. Luckily you won’t need to go that far to protect your skin because Biotherm have created a range of skincare products designed to defend against urban damages.

What is pollution?

Air pollution contains environmental contaminants like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide that come from automobiles, cigarette smoke, chemical plants, plastic factories, and many other kinds of industrial sites. Airborne, these emissions are more or less inescapable: even though pollution is worse in large cities, it travels beyond city borders and affects those living in smaller towns and rural areas.

How does it affect our skin?

Particle pollution is made up of liquid droplets and solid particles that are invisible to the eye. As we move through the world, the particles collect on the surface of our skin, and then slowly work their way deep into the epidermis. Once there, they cause oxidative stress, cell deterioration, and destroy collagen, leading to common skin concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

How can I prevent and reverse urban damage?

Washing your face everyday is a good start, but it isn’t enough to really combat the effects of air pollution altogether. Biotherm’s Skin Oxygen range focuses on detoxifying the skin to combat urban damages, while strengthening the skin barrier to make it harder for particle pollution to adhere to your skin in the first place.

Step 1: a depolluting cleanser

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Foaming Melting Gel is a fresh foam cleanser infused with Chlorella Algae Extract™ to purify the skin without drying it out. Simply massage a generous amount of gel onto your dry skin, and then add water to form a lather before thoroughly rinsing the cleanser away.

Step 2: a clarifying toner

To ensure that you’ve removed every last impurity from your skin, apply Biotherm Skin Oxygen Oxygenating Lotion to your face with a cotton pad. This watery toner delivers a dose of oxygen to reveal naturally glowy skin with a smooth texture and refined pores day after day.

Step 3: a barrier strengthening serum

Heal and strengthen your skin to prevent urban aging with the help of Biotherm Skin Oxygen Antioxidant Serum, a lightweight serum with powerful antioxidants and regenerating actives to boost cellular respiration and renewal. Dispense a dose of the silky serum into your hand and then smooth it between your palms. Apply it using outward strokes from the center of your face and then gently drum your fingertips from your chin down to your jawline to stimulate the skin and encourage deeper penetration.

Step 4: a moisturizing face gel

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Hydrating Gel is a fresh, cooling gel that hydrates your skin without feeling heavy or uncomfortable. The oil-free formula is enriched with nutritive Spirulina to boost cellular energy and reinforce the skin barrier. A true comfort to stressed skin, the gel helps to reduce excess sebum production and prohibit pollution particle adherence so your skin stays healthy and hydrated all day long. Smooth the gel onto your forehead, cheeks, and chin before sliding your index fingers along the jaw to open up the lymphatic pathways to encourage detoxification. Hold your fingers flat and press them in wave-like motions all over your face to improve circulation and restore natural radiance.

Step 5: a nourishing night gel

Nighttime is when our skin goes into recovery mode, so what better time to apply a restorative treatment like Biotherm Skin Oxygen Night? This rich gel formula creates a protective “second skin” to lock in moisture and encourage skin recovery. Encapsulated plumping pearls melt upon contact with the skin to quench the epidermis and restore moisture levels. Apply the gel in a thin layer and then gently massage it into your skin before bed. Each morning, your skin is visibly plumped, detoxified, and revived… in other words, ready to face a new day!

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