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Stick anti-transpirant au complexe minéral tri-actif

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40ml / 1.35 fl.oz.

The Best Long Lasting Deodorant

Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

In need of a deodorant that is the best antiperspirant for sensitive skin? Biotherm's signature Deo Pure deodorants for sensitive skin offer the freshness of long lasting dryness with a formula specifically designed as a deodorant for sensitive skin. Biotherm roll-ons deodorants and deodorant sticks protect and soothe underarm skin. The best part? These are the best deodorant no yellow stain for women and are invisible upon application without leaving yellow or white stains. For a women's deodorant for sensitive skin, try the Deo Pure Sensitive Skin and experience soothed, and dry underarms!

Antiperspirant to Prevent Chafing

One of the best ways to prevent chafing in your underarms is by using an antiperspirant with soothing and skin nourishing ingredients. Biotherm's iconic Lait Corporel nourishing body cream has now been infused in a hydrating and softening antiperspirant suitable for sensitive skin. Le Déodorant By Lait Corporel is infused with citrus essences of Lait Corporel and volcanic micro particles, to prevent chafing keeps your underarm moisturized while providing 48 hour protection against sweat! If you need an antiperspirant for extra sensitive underarms, try Deo Pure Sensitive Skin infused with aloe vera and orange extract to visibly reduce underarm chafing!


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