Fragrances pour le coprs

Les brumes rafraîchissantes pour le corps Les Eaux sont légèrement parfumées pour donner à votre peau un parfum revitalisé que vous adorerez utiliser au quotidien.

Eaux et Fragrances
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1 produits


Une eau tonifiante pour le corps et l'esprit !

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100ml / 3.38 fl.oz.

Signature Fragrance Mists

What is Body Mist?

The Eaux Collections refreshing body mists are lightly fragranced to provide your skin with a revitalized scent that you'll love to use on a daily basis. The difference between body mist and perfume is our signature light fragrances that can be sprayed directly onto the skin for a long-lasting sensorial experience. Unlike perfume, body mists are water-based formulas that are absorbed by the skin. Our collection of body mists perfumes, refreshes, and softens skin with awakening and stimulating notes of fragrance. If you are searching for the difference between body mist and perfume, we recommend you try one of our energizing, softly sensual, and fruity scents to experience them for yourself!

Where to Spray Body Mist?

Biotherm's collection of body mists offer invigorating scents with the lightness of a body mist. The best body mists can be sprayed all over the skin because they are made to absorb into the skin for a sensorial experience. You may be wondering how and where to spray body mist. At Biotherm, we recommend you use these body mists for ladies right after an invigorating shower or bath. Biotherm's body mists can then be sprayed directly onto the body and help to soften body skin with light and invigorating scents. Spray a few pumps of the invigorating Eau d'Engerie Body Mist to awaken and refresh the skin with notes of orange, mandarin, and jasmine. The Eaux Collection body mists for ladies is a must-have if you are searching for the best body mists to wear every day!


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