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What is anti-age skincare and when should I start using it?

Anti-age care is enriched with active ingredients intended to slow down the visible results of skin aging and the appearance of new wrinkles. It is a care product enriched with active ingredients, and we generally recommend its use as from 30 years of age. From age 25 to 35, the skin needs active protection. Find out more. Cell renewal, production of collagen and elastin fibres, sebaceous and sweat gland activity begin to slow down over time. You may see wrinkles start to appear between the eyebrows, as well as expression and laugh lines that appear along the side of the nose and run to the corners of the mouth. You may experience puffiness under your eyes, or your complexion may become greyish and dull-looking. These are the precursor signs of aging, and these can be exacerbated by the stresses and ravages of modern life. How does an anti-age care product combat this process? By protecting the skin from exposure to the sun or harsh climatic conditions.

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