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Mar 24, 2017

The best beauty routine to protect your skin from chlorine

These tips will help keep your skin safe from chlorine’s drying effects.

Hydrospinning and going for a dip in the pool are wonderful ways to cool off and stay in shape. However, chlorine is one of your skin’s worst enemies. Without the right skincare products to protect it and help it regenerate, it can become dry and your complexion can look lackluster.
Here’s how to properly care for your skin before and after your workouts in the pool.


Sports physician Dr. Lebar advises that the best way to prevent dryness in the pool is to create a barrier between your skin and the corrosive properties of chlorine. A thick, rich cream is recommended, but a deeply hydrating gel that penetrates instantly like Skin Fitness Instant Smoothing Body Treatment will also do the trick!

Dr. Lebar suggests turning to nutrition to build up your skin’s defenses further. “Omega 3 and 6 will nourish your skin”. Eating foods that are rich in it like nuts and avocado on a regular basis will help keep your skin smooth and hydrated.


Right after getting out of the pool, it’s essential to be gentle with your skin. After the pool it is sensitized. For your face, Dr. Lebar says to “use a skincare product that’s meant for sensitive skin, even if your skin is normal, oily or combination.”

For your body, get in the shower and rinse off with cleansing foam that is both purifying and hydrating, like the new Skin Fitness Purifying and Cleansing Body Foam . It’s enriched with AHAs and Spirulina which will make your skin soft and will gently remove toxins and impurities.

Once you’ve dried off your face and body, “apply face cream that’s anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and nourishing,” advises Dr. Lebar. Reapply the cream or gel you applied before your time in the pool to rehydrate your skin. Give your body an extra boost by going a step further and smoothing on Skin Fitness Firming and Recovery Body Emulsion . It contains topical Magnesium and Sodium to help replenish electrolytes and accelerate post-workout recovery!

Follow this beauty routine before and after you dive into the pool and your skin will be well-protected against chlorine’s harmful attacks.

mars 24, 2017