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Salicylic Acid is an organic compound, colourless and better known for its cosmetics use to help acne-prone skin. It helps restore and maintain skin balance and improves the appearance of the skin. You can find this acne treatment ingredient in Biotherm T-pur for men or Aquasource Bounce for women collections. Discover Biotherm acne treatment products with salicylic acid.

Skin Concerns:


Oily Skin,


Salicylic Acid Skin Benefits:

Salicylic Acid is an anti-inflammatory molecule derived from willow bark that penetrates deep into the skin to dissolve clogged pores. If you are searching for a face cream for acne or a face gel for pimples, Salicylic Acid is an important ingredient to target excess sebum, enlarged pores and skin imperfections.


Aqua Pure Super Concentrate combines the skin clearing properties of salicylic acid with the regenerative power of Life Plankton™. After 7 days, this moisturizer for oily skin and acne prone skin reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and skin is less shiny for a healthier-looking dewy skin. Aqua Pure Super Concentrate moisturizer with salicylic acid is fast absorbing to heal skin imperfections while providing long-lasting hydration.


FAQ salicylic acid for skin

What does salicylic acid do for the skin?

Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin's surface and unclogs pores. It dissolves the dead skin cells and helps to regulate sebum production, making it an ideal ingredient for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Salicylic acid can also reduce inflammation and skin redness, which makes it effective for treating acne.

What is salicylic acid?

Salicylic acid is a naturally occurring compound derived from willow bark. It's also synthesized in laboratories for cosmetic and medical use. Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) that's commonly used in skincare products.

How to use salicylic acid?

Salicylic acid is typically found in toners, serums, masks, and cleansers like T-Pur Anti-Oil & Shine Purifying Cleanser. It's best to use salicylic acid skincare products in the evening as they can make your skin sensitive to the sun. Start by using the product once or twice a week and gradually increase to daily use if your skin can tolerate it. Always follow specific product instructions. Avoid using salicylic acid around the eye area.

How long to leave salicylic acid on the face?

It depends on the product's concentration and your skin's sensitivity. Generally, it's best to follow the product's instructions on how long to leave it on. Our moisturizing Face Mask Aqua Pure Flash Mask can be left on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing off. The T-Pur Anti-Oil & Shine Bi-Phase Lotion can be applied in the morning and evening, but it's recommended to avoid contact with the eye area.

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