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Crèmes pour les mains

Vos mains sont la fenêtre de votre âme. Gardez-les bien nourrit et prévenez les signes prématurés du vieillissement, des taches brunes et des ridules avec les solutions de soin des mains Biotherm.

Crème pour les mains

Crème pour les mains

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1 produits


Soin anti desséchant mains et des ongles

The Best Treatments for Nourished Hands

How Does Hand Moisturizer Work?

Moisturizing your hands is an important step to preventing dry and cracked hands. Most of us go through our day without even putting on any sort of hand cream or hand balm, leaving us with dry hands and irritated skin. So how does hand moisturizer work? Biotherm offers the best hand moisturizers for dry hands and the best hand creams for cracked skin. Our collection of hand creams with shea butter and apricot oil quickly penetrates the dry and cracked hand skin without any greasy effect. These hand creams for cracked hands are especially helpful for dry winter hands during times when the air lacks moisture. Learn more about Biotherm's signature Biomains and Bath Therapy Hand Cream and repair and regain suppleness and brightness.

How to Fix Cracked Hands?

Avoid dry and cracked hands and fingers with Biotherm's hydrating and nourishing hand treatments to fix cracked hands. To avoid cracked hands and fingers, it is important to moisturize hands with the best hand creams for cracked hands and fingers. Our Biomains multi-performance treatment for dry and cracked hands replenishes the skin's protective moisture film to maintain your soft skin. Learn more about Biotherm's best treatments for dry hands and pair them with our best lip balms and body milks for full protection against dry skin!

What is the Best Hand Cream for Dry Hands?

If you are wondering what is the best hand cream for dry hands, you may be experiencing extremely dry hands as a result of harsh weather conditions, rough work or exposure to chemicals like detergents. Hands are often one of the first signs of aging because they are exposed to the elements. Biotherm's hand creams for dry hands contain nourishing and skin-loving ingredients to offer a hand cream to prevent signs of aging. Daily activities such as prolonged exposure to water, soaps, and sanitizers can wash away the natural oils that protect your skin. Massage Biotherm's hand creams for dry hands on wrists, palms, fingers and cuticles to treat dry hands and experience soft and moisturized hands.

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