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Que sont les ridules?

Découvrez la signification des lignes fines et voyez comment vous débarrasser des lignes fines. Biotherm a la meilleure crème pour les ridules et le traitement des ridules afin que vous puissiez obtenir votre peau la plus jeune à ce jour ! Réduisez les ridules avec notre meilleur produit pour les ridules.

Qu'est ce que les ridules

Qu'est ce que les ridules

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1 produits

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Réparation des signes visibles de vieillissement de la peau

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Do you ever wonder what fine lines are exactly? Fine lines are caused by the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin in our skin. Fine lines usually start making an appearance in your thirties which will eventually develop into wrinkles over time. They are what typically start the aging process.

The easiest way to get younger looking skin is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It sounds easy enough to do, and it can be. You just need to use the right products! Luckily, we have some really incredible products that work to reduce the appearance of lines so you can achieve younger looking skin!

Our Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream is an ultra-lightweight water in gel texture that contains Algae of Youth™ concentrate to hydrate the skin and give your complexion a rosy, radiant look to it. This gel moisturizer has a melting point similar to the skin’s surface temperature which allows the moisturizer and the skin to instantly become one upon contact. The formula also repairs efficacy and makes it so that nutrients are absorbed right away. You’ll notice your skin feels suppler, looks more radiant, and feels smoother within 4 weeks of using it!

Our fresh oil-in-water Blue Therapy Night moisturizer hydrates and protects the skin. During the night your skin is most receptive to regenerate moisture and repair itself and our night cream will help further that process! You’ll notice more beautiful skin when you wake up each morning as this night cream smooths the appearance of fines lines , tightens the look of pores, and firms your skin. You’ll love how soft and moisturized your skin feels too!

Since sun damage is one of the leading causes of fine lines, using a moisturizer with SPF is a great idea! Our Sun Care Face SPF50+ helps to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and protects the youthful look of your skin. The fresh, light texture melts into your skin effortlessly so you aren’t left with greasy, sticky skin. You’ll love how visibly stronger, radiant, and younger your skin looks too!

We have also developed Skin Oxygen Night cream for your nighttime routine! Our intense night recovery balm works to act on signs of fatigue that accumulate throughout the day while you sleep! You’ll wake up to younger looking skin each morning as the formula helps make your skin look luminous and smooth. This night cream also reduces the appearance of fines lines while making your skin feel recharged with energy!

Since our eyes are one of the first spots we begin to show signs of aging, a good eye cream is key. This is why we developed our Skin Best Eyes! Our eye cream works well on dark circles, fine lines, and bags underneath the eyes! This eye cream targets signs of aging where they first appear to reveal and smooth, even look to your complexion. The thin texture immediately firms the eye contour and within just one week of continuous use, crow’s feet, dark circles, and under eye bags are less visible! You’ll love how refreshed this one makes you look!

How will you erase your fine lines?


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